PCR Packages


PCR is a fast and reliable method to detect pathogens at an early stage of the disease. The big advantage of PCR is that the result is known faster than a bacterial or viral culture.

New PCR Packages:

Poulpharm offers PCR packages to screen for respiratory, immunodeficient and/or locomotory disorders with a single sample. Also a biosecurity check package is offered. These packages are more cost efficient than requesting analyses separately.

We also offer sampling packages:

  • Sampling Package PCR-Packages (FTA): €2
  • Sampling Package PCR-Packages (swab): €4
  • Sampling Package PCR-Packages (swab + FTA): €5

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For our international customers, please contact labo@poulpharm.be or your Poulpharm satellite lab to receive information on what samples are best to send.

Sampling protocol PCR screening packages

PDF icon Sampling Protocol FTA1.06 MB
PDF icon Sampling Protocol swab1015.39 KB

For more informatie:

Contact labo@poulpharm.be